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Each year for the past several centuries, February 14th has been a meaningful date. The significance? Valentine s Day of course! A special day to remember those we love and admire.

In Edmonton’s river valley an antique ‘penny farthing’ is kept in the city’s Artifacts Centre and identified by Accession No. 67-505-191. The owner of this bicycle was John Madison Payzant; he was a direct descendant of...

Because of their interest in family history, many genealogists inherit a large collection of family photographs (along with the unenviable chore of identifying and dating them). If, however, you aren’t fortunate enough to have access to...

My dad and his siblings firmly believed that the Millions family came to Canada from Grimsby in England, a fishing port in south Humberside, on the North Sea. Oral history indicated that the Millions were fishermen.