Individuals from the AGS Homestead Committee who passionately developed and continue to index the Alberta Homestead files discuss the advantages in using the AGS Homestead Index over Ancestry.

The following websites are provided to give you a better understanding about how the Dominion Land Survey was conducted in the Prairie Provinces, an overview of what legal land descriptions are, and where to request a historical land search.

The Provincial Archives of Alberta (PAA) preserves the collective memory of Alberta, contributes to the protection of Albertans rights and the Alberta sense of identity. Located in Edmonton, Alberta.

Learn How to order Homestead records from the Alberta Genealogical Society.

The records in this collection are applications for land patents submitted by Alberta homesteaders during 1885 to 1897. The files contain affidavits to support a homesteaders application for land title. Each file is four pages long.

The Alberta Genealogical Society (AGS) created an all-name index to homestead files from 686 reels of microfilm in the collection of the Provincial Archives of Alberta (PAA).

Prior to 1930, records of land settlement in Alberta were handled by the Dominion Lands Branch of the Federal Government. Control of natural resources was transferred in 1930 and all active land files were turned over to the Province.

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