The album first belonged to the family of Dick Nash’s grandparents, Harry Holdsworth Nash (1856-1923) and Emily Harriet Hutchison (1861-1915)
Bertha Ellen HUTCHISON (1867-1941) gave this album to her nephews and nieces, the Nash children, for Christmas in 1893
Front and Page 1 - THE ALBUM - At the front of the album is a dedication page which reads “For the children from Aunt Bertha Xmas 1893”
The six Nash children for whom the album was intended
Page 2 - Major James Christie Palmer ESTEN (1805-1864), of the British Army
These pictures of a house labeled “Maplewood, Newmarket” are NOT in England as the added note in ball-point pen suggests.
Page 3 - The HUTCHISON family lived for a time at Cheltenham in Gloucestershire
Page 4 - The Hutchison sons followed their father into military careers in the British forces
Hazel Mary DAUNAIS (1897-1993) in about 1901 at age three or four.
Page 5 - Hutchison ESTEN and Harry ESTEN are relatives of Emily Harriet (née Hutchison) NASH
Page 6 - Colonel Henry MacLeod HUTCHISON (1840-1925) and dog Whisky
Page 7 - Who is the tallest, at Cheltenham
Page 8 - Robert ‘Bob’ Schlesinger Hutchison (1869-1921), half-brother of Emily Harriet (née Hutchison) Nash (1861-1915)
Page 9 - Carved Chairs, Truscott family’s  coat of arms
Page 10 - Aimée’s wedding. Exeter, Devon, England, June 9, 1891
Page 11 - Scenic photos from Devonshire
Page 12 - Aimée Truscott (1870-1935) and Eddie de Burgh (1864- 1936) at Exeter, England
Page 13 - Aimée’s Wedding Exeter
Page 14 - A selection of photos taken in Canada while the NASH family were living at Battleford
Page 15 - Photos from PLYMOUTH, England, where many of the Hutchison family lived
Page 16 - Photo taken at Plymouth, Devonshire, England, probably in the back garden of the Hutchison home
Page 17 - More photos from the HUTCHISON garden at Plymouth with Enlargement of Mabel
Page 18 - Staircase, Stoke, Plymouth – the Hutchison home
Page 19 - This is probably the Hutchison home – exterior and the Drawing Room
Page 20 - The many swords above the fireplace are probably a reference to the generations- long involvement in the British Army and Navy
Page 21 - Katie Truscott, her husband Colonel Henry MacLeod Hutchison
Page 22 - Carved Bureau, Katie Truscott
Page 23 - George HUTCHISON
Page 24 - Mabel HUTCHISON at home in Exeter posing with what may be the rifle on display above the staircase on Page 18
Pages 25 to 29 - It seems that some of the Hutchisons – Mabel, Bertha, and perhap others, were keen amateur photographers.
Page 30 - Scenes at the NASH home at Macleod, N.W.T. , now Alberta
Page 31 - Snapshots of several of the NASH children at MacLeod
Page 32 - More photos from the PEIGAN AGENCY
Page 33 - More snapshots from the PEIGAN AGENCY
Page 34 - More photos of the Nash children
Enlargement of “Indian Grave”
Page 37 - “Bob”, i.e. Robert Schlesinger HUTCHISON
Page 38 - “Harry” Henry Macleod HUTCHISON and “Bob” Robert Schlesinger HUTCHISON
Page 39 - Phil Walter or Walker, Colonel Henry Macleod HUTCHISON and George HUTCHISON
Page 40 - Our trip to Elko verses written by Emily Harret Nash Accompanying photo: “The Loop”
Page 41 - Verse 4 to 6
Page 42 - Verse 7 to 8
Page 43 - Verse 9
Page 44 - Nash children
Page 45 - inside of back cover of the album
Back Cover of Album and acknowledgements
Family Trees