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Perth Military Settlement

Joe Everett is a genealogy librarian at FamilySearch, managing patron services in international family history centers. Joe submitted an article on East European research to RS. Here is a list of websites for many eastern countries. Read more.

Coming from research at the Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa, this historical and genealogical reference s core is a transcription of interviews of 18 of the 800+ men arrested in 1837-8 for the Upper Canada Rebellion...

The National Library of Ireland s (NLI) collection of Catholic parish registers on microfilm contains records of baptisms, marriages and deaths from a majority of parishes in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland ... Read More

The Institute s list of sources stem from over 250 funeral homes and newspapers across Canada, with information from obituaries, cemeteries and death cards. For American researchers . . . Read more

Listed are genealogical tips, sources and family history news from the East European Genealogical Society, Winnipeg. Please refer to. . . Read More

Irish genealogy gained a reputation long ago for being a frustrating one-way street to disappointment and headache. Thankfully, calming potions and analgesics are no longer essential equipment . . . Read More

The Canadian government provides a variety of links that will help you on your search to find out the identities of your ancestors, but there are also many different online programs to help you search as well. Read More